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What makes Salt so special


Maria Kramer

Jun 28, 2017


Salt….. beautiful blessings of Salt. I want to share some insights into the healing properties of salt as we are invited to become ever more self- empowered to restore ourselves to our own wholeness. It is one spending property that Mother Gaia has gifted us for millenniums that it is time for us to reconnect with in deeper ways. It is time for us to return to remedies that Gaia has cited us and allow mother nature to be our support.

What if SALT was an acronym for Sacred Abundant Love Therapy or Soul A-Live Thriving?

Salt have been used for eons of time in many different ways. Here is but a few of the infinite ways we can incorporate salt therapy into our daily practice to bless our bodies, our energy fields and our environments to stay clean, free of infections, inflammation, bacteria and clear of any interference energies in all forms and ways. Many interference energies show up in form of “illness” and yet is not traceable in the traditional ways. We are inundated with pollutants from air, water, EMS, astral planes and a way we can really restore ourselves is through ancient ways and salt is a fabulous friend to keep you healthy. Did you know that salt is a natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial agent?

The salt I prefer to use is Himalayan sea salt, Celtic sea salt or Epsom salt, which you can get most places these days.

Gargling in salt water when one has a sore throat is a phenomenal method I have used ever since I was a child and it works. As soon a I feel a sore throat or cold come on, which is rarely now, I mix a teaspoon of salt with warm water and gargle as often as I can often 8-12+ times a day or as often as you can. It is simple and easy a fun way for young and adults to gargle their way into health.

Nasal Saline Irrigation and Neti Pots. Inhaling a salt solution into nostrils to clear sinuses to clear pathways of mucous and bacteria. Two different ways to clear your sinuses. My preferred way is where you place a little of the salt water solution in the palm of your hand, lower your head and inhale the solution into one of your nostrils, let it complete the circuit and drip into your mouth and then spit it out. Repeat several times adding more salt water into your palm and then do the same procedure with the other nostril or perhaps you like to keep alternating repeat about 7-8 times each nostril.

Netipot comes in a couple of different designs, however, the promise is the same. Fill up the device with salt water and as you tilt head in a 45 degree angle flood your one nostril and let it pour our the other.

Some of the health benefits are: Relief of Colds, congested sinuses, sinus infections, allergies, snoring.

health-benefits-of-epson-saltSalt Baths are divine and serve us in a couple of wonderful ways. One is to soothe sore muscles and heal your skin. Epsom salt is a glorious solution in any bath. Add 1-2 cups of alt and add your favorite essential oils such as lavender, frankincense, rose, bliss, whichever makes you feel soothed and loved. The possibilities are endless. Another important benefit of taking a salt bath is how effective it is in clearing your energy field of interference, though forms, low vibrational, EMS, energies that have attached itself to your field. If you work with energy as a profession, whether as a healer or psychic reader we tap into the astral layers and dimensions and it is a super idea to gift yourself a salt bath to conclude the day to clear your field of all NON-U frequencies. As we become more sensitive and empathic, it is imperative we create a self care routine we enjoy and will stick to.

If you do not have a bathtub to luxuriate in an alternative is a salt foot bath. Place your feet in a bowl big enough for both feet and rug epsom salt or himalayan salt on dry on soles and top of feet all the way above the ankles. Add water till above your ankles. You can envision and intend for the saltwater to draw to it all the interference energies that are in your field surrounding your body. Sit for about 10 minutes or so and then discard the water. You can even dry rub salt over all your body, intending it to clear all in your energy field and then take a warm shower and let it wash away.

saltwaterGo to the Ocean whenever you can and go for a long swim. The salt air and water brings much healing as it clears the air and you get the experience the blessing of the healing Sun a the same time. When I go for a swim I often during a gulp on purpose to let the healing saltwater bless my internal system.

Clearing your home and car. Salt has been used for earn to keep evil spirits and interference energies at bay and away. It is effective when after a thorough house/space clearing to sprinkle in window sills, doorways and corners where stagnant energy seems to collect just like dustballs.

Salt Lamps are another beautiful ways to create sacred space and keep energy clear in your space as well as it cleans the air.

Add Himalayan Salt to your food, salads etc. Most of us have been taught to lay off the salt. Maybe that has not been a truth. i invite you to check in with yourself and see if adding salt into your soul nourishment program might actually be a good thing for you.

As many have known the magical healing powers of salt, people have been called to travel to the Dead Sea to reap the benefits of floating in the salty water where one call float, heal and feel the lightness of our being. A new way of enjoying the benefits of salt that allows your body to return to it’s natural state of wholeness is the re-emerging of an the ancient Salt cave Halotherapy. Salt Caving dates back to the 1200’s and I am sure much earlier.Salt caves are becoming popular as people seek relief from colds, infections, respiratory problems, asthma to skin problems and so much more.

Grand-Salt-SuiteI have been enjoying a beautiful Salt Cave near me here is Florida the last 3 weeks as I was dealing with a bronchial-sinus thing and healing the causes around that from many different angels. It is peaceful, awesome and relaxing. I typically meditate while in the session that lasts 45 minutes and go really deep.

During a session in a salt cave, salt-infused air is pumped into the cave from a halo generator. As one breathes normally, minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iodine, bromine, copper, selenium, and iron in the purest version of salt are absorbed by the skin and air passageways, thereby clearing pollens, viruses, toxins, and other pollutants from the body and energy field. This salt contains 84 different trace minerals that are bio-identical to your body, which means that the salt is able to communicate with your body in an efficient and quite delicate way. The negatively charged ionized himalayan salt and trace minerals that are present in the cave’s atmosphere is designed to draw toxins and impurities out of the body, reduce inflammation, and improve respiratory system and lung function. Halo-Therapy is also known to help relieve skin conditions, stress, high blood pressure, respiratory infections, hangovers, and allergies. So try it out. You might like it.

Google Salt Cave and Halo-Therapy in your area and I am sure you will find one near you. I trust these salt ideas will support you on your earth jones into wellness.

If you are in Sarasota FL area FusionTherapy is wonderful.

Blessings and hearths of love

Maria L’Aria Raa

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