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COVID Safety

We understand that in this time of COVID people might be hesitant to venture out into public spaces.

We value the health of our clients above all else and as such we have instituted the following measures to protect our clients:

  • Clients are asked to wear a mask and only take it off when they the enter salt room and put it back on when leaving the salt room.

  • We check people's temperature using a temperature gun when they come in.

  • We disinfect the space using an ozone generator.

  • We sweep floors regularly with a robot vacuum.

  • We screen everyone who comes in with a COVID questionnaire.

  • We do not allow strangers to be in the salt room together. Only if you come with your own group do we allow groups of people to be together. We also have a small salt room thats fits only two people so if you would like to have the room all to yourself or share it with another person that is also possible. Just tell us what you are comfortable with and we will work with you to make sure your experience is a safe and relaxing one.

It is also important to note that one of the benefits of being in the Salt Spa is that salt is a natural inhibitor for pathogens. There are tests being conducted to use salt to prevent the spread of COVID. Below are some articles on such research:

So rest assured we are doing everything to ensure your safety when you are in the spa if you do choose to come in and if not we hope to see you another time :) 

Stay Safe, Stay Salty, Stay Healthy!


Temp Gun
Goovie Robot Vacuum
Ozone Generator
Ozone & Vacuum
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