Maggie Catagnus   

I’ve been going to Dottie’s Spa almost every week for last 3 years!
My healing mentally, physically, Spiritually and emotionally have grown by leaps and bounds.
I am an individual who lives with, and anxiety disorders along with PTSD and history of trauma.
I have learned so much from Dottie over these last 3 years!
I am in GRATITUDE that our paths  have crossed in this life time!!
Dottie Gannotti is a genuine, great Spirited Soul!!
The Salt Spa has helped me relieve stress, depression and anxiety!
It’s like the feeling you get when on the beach! Just totally relaxed and rejuvenated!!
I go to Wednesday night Guided Meditation with Dottie which has taught me an extraordinary amount of knowledge

and has brought me a tremendous amount of overall well-being!
I always recommend the Salt Spa to all my friends!
She also has Sound Meditation with Harold Smith. He’s an amazing talent!!
I’m much more positive with my life’s challenges and can identify negative energy around me.
I’ve trained my subconscious to deflect negative energy!
Our Guided Meditation group is very welcoming open minded and loving people!
I’ve made great circle of friends!
I highly suggest you come to check out the Salt Spa!!
Thank you for Providing such a safe and healing environment!!

Ari R.

My mom and I visited Soul Spirit Salt Spa two weeks ago not only for the salt spa, but for chakra cleansing as well. One word, AMAZING! When you first walk in you instantly  feel comfortable and safe. Then you meet Dottie, who literally welcomes you with open arms. My mom was having a not so great day, and Dottie sensed that and gave her a hug. Dottie’s knowledge and passion for what she does is immediately displayed through conversation. I would highly recommend the salt spa for anyone who is dealing with chronic illness or pain. For someone like myself who has had allergies, asthma, and sinus problems since I was a child; I emerged from my session feeling like a  brand new person. My chakra cleansing was beyond enlightening and something I will cherish until my next visit.

Maegan Quinones

Dottie is an incredible IET healer. I had such an uplifting experience and felt so clear after. The salt room fits 4 comfortably and the chairs are great. The entire establishment is filled with beautiful salt lamps, pictures, vibrant colors and the energy is unforgettable. Can’t wait to go back for classes with Dottie

 Marie and Skylar and Gemma

 Sklyar she loves finding the gems in the salt room hidden in the salt.. Her baby sister is in the salt room for a second time when she was a month old she was congested for a couple of days  Marie brought her  in a 30 minute session she was all cleared up and she did not spit up for two days. Marie was surprised. (She spits up everyday normally. )

Ariel W

I had an amazing experience my first time here a few weeks ago! I came in for the chakra tuning and then a session in the salt spa afterwards and felt like a whole new person when I walked out of there. Not only was it and incredibly relaxing and meditative experience for me in general and while I wasn't having any sinus or allergy issues prior to coming in, I was able to breathe so much better and more deeply when I left. I left feeling balanced, full of energy and light and can't wait to come back!

Jodi Bramble

An experience not to be missed. Dottie has created a tranquility paradise here! Serenity from the moment you reach the platform at the entrance.  The salt spa rooms are cozy, clean, and nurturing. There is a radiance flowing through that creates healing energy from deep within.  Truly a respite that one should not miss. ❤️

Linda DeBow

Beautiful spa! Dottie has created an amazing place to have the ultimate salt spa experience. Her positive energy is infectious. You can enjoy whichever venue you want: a salt bath charged with negative ions from Himalayan Sea Salt, mediation circles, energetic healing sessions, or chair yoga. Each has its own therapeutic value. You will love it! It’s a wonderful opportunity to promote your spiritual growth.

Joe and Leigh DeTato

This is a really great experience. The whole studio is serene, with low lighting, sounds of water flowing and a smiling face to greet you. I heard about what a salt spa can do. Then a massage therapy colleague told me about this studio. I went to the website, and there is so much good information about why anyone might want to have the experience. For me, it has done wonders to help me deal with chronic sinus issues. I was heading toward a full-blown sinus infection when I first visited. After about three sessions at the spa, I was noticeably getting better. Now I hope to clear up the sinus issues for good with regular visits. I can even sleep in more comfortable positions, which I have not been able to do in years.

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