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Other Services

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 45 mins | $45 

45 minute session can also be conducted in the Salt Room along with a Salt therapy session for an additional charge of $29.00

 Reflexology is a form of bodywork that uses pressure on a certain area of the body to effect change in another part of the body.  By working on and relaxing the nerves, this allows the nervous system to relax and shift the body from a stressed state to a state of relaxation.  This gives the body the space to heal. balance, and function at its highest potential.   Some of the benefits include the release of stress and toxins, a state of deep relaxation, increased circulation, oxygenating the body, increased function of lymph and immune systems, reduction of allergy, sinus and asthma symptoms, decreased pain, decreased inflammation, improved mood, and improved sleep.  It is a special and wonderful treatment!

Not advised for people with these conditions: Blood clotting issues, severe edema, first trimester of pregnancy and anything infectious e.g. plantar worts, athletes feet or fungus. 

Sessions are conducted by Cindy Kroiz

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Chakra Balancing

15 mins | $30

Chakras are energy centers in the body they take energy in and they also loose energy. You will have all of your charkas balanced to the vibrations they were created to vibrate from. We shower the outside why not the inside. The use of tuning forks and or signing bowls will shower your cells with light. By the time your session is over you will have a feeling of peace, gratitude, lightness, balanced and more connected.

Energy Session.jpg

Energy Session

1 hr | $80

Dottie systematically directs universal life force energy into the body by means of gentle therapeutic touch and pressure points are triggered to detect energy blockages.These blockages signal the presence of suppressed emotions and feelings. She then uses powerful techniques to release and clear the blocked energy through the human energy field. Blockages are like rocks that are act like a dam. Removing the rocks prepares the body to receive healing energy that circulates through the meridians and charkas to restore health and wellness back into the body. Dottie also incorporates the use of aromatherapy and tuning forks, singing bowls and crystals. It is typical to feel more relaxed, recharged, refreshed and renewed, re balanced with a sense of lightness.

Remote sessions are also available.

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Cellular Foot Detox Session

30 mins | $35

Remove toxins and heavy metals from the body by means of a cellular foot detox. Relax and breathe easy as you enjoy the sense of well-being that comes from both soaking and cleansing your feet.


Ionic foot detox baths work by ionizing warm saltwater with alternating polarities. The stream of positive and negative ions which run through the water, attract and attach themselves to oppositely charged toxic particles and begins to draw them out of the body through the skin. Negative ions attract toxins and positively charged ions assist the body’s natural detoxification process and help the body to detox more efficiently. 

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