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The Difference Between PEMF and TENS

Written Stephanie Walters

Perhaps you’ve heard of PEMF therapy or TENS therapy, but you don’t exactly know what these therapies are. Maybe you’ve never heard of PEMF and TENS therapies. Even those with some knowledge of one, the other, or both may not know how these two therapies are different. Here’s some information to help you understand the difference between PEMF and TENS therapies. What is TENS therapy? TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, therapy uses low-voltage electrical currents to disrupt pain signals in the body. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy is a type of pain treatment; it may be used to treat chronic or acute pain. TENS machines are small, battery-powered devices with electrodes that attach to the skin. Electric currents are sent directly into the body through these electrodes. Electricity travels through the nerve fibers in the body to block pain receptor signals from reaching the brain. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy is considered a type of electrotherapy because it sends electrical currents directly into the body. What is PEMF therapy? PEMF therapy, or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, uses electromagnetic energy to trigger the body’s natural healing processes and improve cell health. PEMF devices range in power and size, but they all have a PEMF coil that generates an electromagnetic field. Electricity goes through this coil, but it does not enter the body. The electromagnetic energy used in PEMF therapy is completely safe. produces EMFs between 50 and 60 Hz. According to the world health organization mobile phone produce frequencies between 450 and 2,700 MHz. Unlike TENS, PEMF therapy does not send electric currents into the body, so PEMF therapy is not considered electrotherapy. No electrical signal penetrates the body. Instead, PEMF therapy uses very low frequency electromagnetic energy. Electricity is only used in PEMF devices to generate an electromagnetic field. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is commonly used to treat pain, but it has many other uses, as well. Health benefits of PEMF therapy PEMF therapy is a safe, effective, and easy way to promote wellness, treat pain, reduce recovery times, and improve your overall quality of life. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy offers several health benefits:

  • increases cell oxygenation

  • promotes cell recovery

  • accelerates healing rates

  • removal of cell waste

  • improves cell metabolism

  • increases immune response

  • improves cell health

  • promotes proper cell function

  • reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation

Almost anyone can benefit from the use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, and there are no negative side effects with PEMF therapy. However, You should not get PEMF treatment if you have an electrical medical implant. PEMF therapy has been used to treat small household pets — such as dogs, cats, and birds — large stock animals, as well as humans. The FDA approves PEMF therapy as a treatment for a number of different health issues including depression, healing nonunion bone fractures, and muscle stimulation.

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